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Kim’s Journal: Twenty Takes

📷: Nhi

I have long accepted challenges that comes in my way, but this challenge is particularly different. Since I revamped my blog (not so long ago), what better way to get to know my thoughts, my fears, my likes, and my dislikes through a twenty-take challenge!

1. I am lactose intolerant. I know, it is sad! But there are days where I defy the odds and take on lactose products wishing the side-effects will not happen, but guess what? It doesn’t!
2. Though I am lactose intolerant, I really really really love ice cream! No fuss flavor, vanilla is my favorite! You can also hand me cookies and cream anytime of the day.
3. I am a rice eater. Take me at any food place as long as there is rice on the menu then I’m the happiest girl alive! When I go to places that rice is an option, I diligently look for it! I can finish up to six bowls to half-filled rice cooker, that if I’m very hungry. Most of the days two bowls is enough.
4. Did I mention I love to eat? Plus I love anything spicy! I feel that a meal won’t be complete if ever it’s not spicy 😁
5. I love books. I like to read books. I have read over 591 (and a half) books ranging from fiction to non-fiction. The huge chunk of reading happened way back high school years.
6. I am super talkative! I love to talk most of the time. I tried to keep my mouth shut in a crowd, but it only lasts for five minutes.
7. I love to travel! Though I wish I could have more time and money to do it.
8. My first solo trip in the country was way back 10 years ago (thank you parents!). Took my first solo trip going to Subic Bay for a camp…
9. While my first solo trip abroad was just recent. I went to Singapore to attend a Leaders Travel and Learning Camp. Though it wasn’t my first time there, I got worried if ever I can make it out! I got lost most of the time, but had the most amazing “me” time. I also was mistaken for a Chinese and a local!
10. I’m not a dessert kind of person. I have low tolerance for anything sweet, much more too sweet. I can’t basically finish a slice of chocolate cake!

We’re halfway there!

11. I like to watch tv series. My favorite includes Castle, How to Get Away With Murder, How I Met Your Mother, Quantico, New Girl, NCIS and Scandal!
12. My curls came from a long process of not taking good care of my straight hair. So basically, it is natural! Do I miss my straight hair? Some days, but I love having my curls around as long as it doesn’t puff!
13. I like dressing up. The world is my runway anyway. I’m a mini-skirt-kind of girl. I have two pairs of pants just for the sake that I can get inside the University. I am not a fan of sneakers though, it does not look good on me.
14. I love my scarves! I love having them and pairing it up with an outfit. Gift ideas? A scarf would do!
15. I believe that I shall not be contained in a classroom. Though I value knowledge, I cannot sit still in a class lecture that will last for even an hour! Imagine my attention span. But even if that’s the case, I still study to maintain my grade. I am mostly an extra-curricular kind of girl. You can find me running from one event to another, or running a council to juggling debate practices over the weekend. That and my events management business that I have with my high school friends plus my networking business (which today is inactive because of demands from the University).
16. I hoard notebooks and journals and to-do lists! I basically go gaga over those things.
17. I haven’t read Harry Potter. And yes, I will read it in the near future. I’m finding the particular time to buy the book set.
18. I do not like animals except a panda, a lion, and a dog! Apart from that, count me out.

19. I do not like any physical affection (ie hugging, kissing etc). Trust me, I judge people touching me. I just don’t like to be touched. I’ve quite adjusted to my girl friends and gay friends hugging me, for my super close guy friends since high school, I’m still adjusting. To the people that I met, I just do it for “social scene” sake but trust me, I want to run every damn time.
20. You guessed it right! I don’t have anyone special (the romantic kind) never had one ever since birth. Yet, I make the best advice (my friends will debate with me on this one).


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20th War

Skin of a Warrior

You see scars around her body.
You see tears running from her eyes.
You see smiles from her lips.
You see a woman without fear, without doubts, without insecurities, without feelings.
You see her, but you do not really see her.
You see an illusion.
Your illusion of who she is supposed to be.
Yet she never corrects your illusion, because your illusion is what keeps her safe from prying eyes, is what keeps her asleep from the demanding world.

You’d never get past her scars.
Her scars that speaks of the battle she has fought.
You’d never get past her walls.
Her walls that was built so high because day by day the memories of the battles keep on flashing back.
If you do get pass, that means she loves you, and love (sadly) is something she cannot deal with because she has fears, she has doubts, she has insecurities, she gets hurt easily, and she is not strong enough.

Maybe, just maybe there would come a time she’d deal with it —. But she’s happy. If you ask her, she’ll say it truthfully and without hesitation.

I’m happy that she’s happy.

Hello 20th self, hope you’re happy wherever you are!