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You are sunshine and roses

Of life and of everything in between

You’re all smiles and laughter

Things that I am not

Things that speaks of you

Things that makes me look up to you more

I’ve learned how to let loose

I’ve learned how to take risks

I’ve learned the art of friendship

And that’s all thanks to you

Funny how our friendship started

It started with hating each other’s quirks

But end up tolerating one another

Never would I regret

To have meet someone

As beautiful as you

You have taught me how this works

From opening up to eventually feeling

Thank you, for being my Kim Possible when I want to become Ron Stoppable

Thank you, for being the voice of hope when I could no longer believe in myself

Thank you, for being my 9am plans and 3pm impulse

For simply being there, thank you

and if ever you feel that you need someone

To follow you up on some Oreo cake

To eat ice cream, a lot

Or even to hike the day away

My dear friend, I’ll be there anyway.


In dedication to Panyang, may you continue to love life and be as bubbly as ever! Happy Birthday, horsy!ย 

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SSC 35th: My Little Farewell

๐Ÿ“ธ: Mark Bayon

Will end with a blog dedication to the people who made my last year in Uni one of the most challenging and fulfilling moments of my life.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I do.

And I did not just believe in it.

I have fallen for it.

I made it my own pill whenever I’m running out of strength to carry on.

I believed, I had fallen, I found every bit of emotions that I thought I’m not capable of having here at the council.

Dear College of Appointed Officers,

“You are brave.” If you ever found yourselves doubting your essence and your being. Know that you are brave.

Only seldom people have the guts to volunteer in the council despite all that could happen to you alongside with the University life. But you, you are here and giving time to help the council and I could never been happier than to meet everyone! Your time, effort and everything else in between is something that I will always be grateful. Thank you for serving the Josenians with that spark of love from your heart and that braveness that’s strong as the ocean waves.

Dear Legislative House,

“I’ll always be here.” If you ever need some mouthy advice or just a simple listening company. Know that I’ll always be here.

You were all kids in my eyes. Most of us started SSC with no knowledge on how to go about the Parliamentary Procedure nor go about writing Resolutions. But now, look at you! You’ve gone way far than writing resolutions. You have found your inner voice to speak up (if that’s quite necessary). You forged relationships inside and outside the council and I hope you still keep each other even after the council. You’ve been through a lot (with my strictness and nagging on duty scheds, attendance on meetings and cleanliness of the office) and things I can no longer think of. At times, I may have been insensitive and distant, but know that’s how I care and I appreciate everyone (sorry not raised to show feelings, but I’m trying thanks to everyone! I do hugs now ๐Ÿ˜‚) Always know that I’m happy to have witnessed that growth, your growth! I’ve always told you guys that there’s no point in being inside the council and not growing by the time we all leave. And this I say, for that span of months you have learned how to manage and learned how to suck it up sometimes. Your efforts won’t be discounted. Always remember that gratification will always come at the end, there are no instants and if there were instants we’d be missing a lot of emotions. And if you feel that you weren’t recognized for your efforts, no that’s not true, you will always be important because without you, the council would have never been better. Invest, invest and invest!!! Do not stop investing on yourselves and what you love doing. Do not let your fears keep you from investing. Remember I said you were all kids in my eyes? You will always be, it’s bittersweet, but I have to accept that you’re not kids anymore. Go spread your wonderful wings in the sky! I’d always be here, whichever ground, cheering for you ๐Ÿ’•

My Best Execom Ever,

“It’s never too late.” It’s never to late because there are no deadlines to relationships, to friendships. We have the world waiting for us so it’s never too late.

We had our fights that we can alway look back and laugh about 5 years from now. But know that you will always hold a special place in my aorta (not my heart haha i’m trying diba). You guys are the best (enough nato ang overnight to prove na best lage mo). Even if behind the scenes, thank you for cushioning my attitude! Even if its screams hell sometimes (okay, most of the times!). Jhanny, thank you for staying with me no matter how indifferent you are but I know you lead me right. Clof, for telling me to let loose and to have fun. I know, I get the memo haha. Seg, who knows diba? Haha best in chikka nata lol and Fech, apparently test of friendship jud ang ssc.

And lastly, the presidency is a responsibility that is a challenge. There is no perfect idea of what it is about. There is no best definition of what it is, but there is something best about it. It is what is always will be in my heart — my best relationship.

“Know that Pres won’t stay anymore, but Ate Kim will. She will stay.”

Thank you everyone! I would have broke down in tears, but no, I have you guys and I could never be more thankful, sorry and proud of all of you! Continue to speak up through right communication channels. Continue to exemplify Caritas et Scientia. Continue on moving mountains of your dreams and extending possibilities of your passions! And lastly, even if we end our term as SSC Officers, apparently the white hat of SSC in ourselves will always be SSC to the Josenian populace. That doesn’t mean we end our term, we also end being of service and being SSC Officers. So go and live on and pay it forward! I’m going to repeat this over and over again. I know I’m not the first person you’ll call or text or what techy people do nowadays, but know that I’ll always be here 24/7 as your (last haha) option if you run out of people to talk to. Excited for the years ahead of you. Will always be rooting for everyone’s success and if failures happen (then fail and fail more! Samtang early pa to correct mistakes and don’t forget to learn, always learn and at times unlearn). I will surely miss everyone (you get the message). Thank you for loving service. When I want to quit or my not-worthy-stances were creeping in, I just look at you and then I am reminded how I love service and how I am super lucky to have met everyone! Five years, or ten years from now, I hope when I see you at the street or some place and we’d catch up with life. I hope to see everyone happy and in love with life!

Congratulations on your future endeavors, continue to soar high!




“We did not just made it out alive. We made it out broken, whole, and everything we never imagined nor expected. Happy Anniversary!”

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I’m missing you already!
One of the pose we love to do!

From veins to bones

A creation of God

Of beauty and poise

A trait that seems to follow when I call your name

You are of a spectacle

More than an idea

More than a facade

You are a reality that’s loved

Your scars speaks of truth from the past

That a lady so young has become so strong

Your stretch marks sparks hope to other women that being beautiful does not speak standards

It does however speaks of acceptance, of you

Your mouth which sparks conversation and principles

Of racism

Of sexism

Of topics that I will miss talking with you

But your heart, your heart is something that I love about you

How it speaks of kindness despite pain

How it speaks of happiness despite everyday’s troubles

How it speaks of love, love that’s so deep that even I could not grasp.

You are a beauty

Inside and out

A friend that I will forever cherish

Know that beyond veins and bones, lies a great beyond

A woman of worth

A woman of the world

A woman of God

A woman for herself

By herself and with herself

A woman that future girls would look up to,

A woman that empowers women.

In the core of the earth, if ever you need someone beyond the Pacific

Know that neither the oceans will stop you from calling me because the core of the earth will pull us together like how gravity works

Like how our friendship works

Meshed in the most messed up meeting

Surrounded by uncertainties

But despite the odds

Polished by words of love

Thank you for the friendship

Go soar high! Find the woman that you wanted to become.

Until we cross on the rivers of life, I’ll see you again! But promise me, that by then, you’d still be wearing your best feature; your smile and and your heart.




In dedication to my dearest friend, Ada. I will surely miss you! See you in Hawaii, soon.