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You are sunshine and roses

Of life and of everything in between

You’re all smiles and laughter

Things that I am not

Things that speaks of you

Things that makes me look up to you more

I’ve learned how to let loose

I’ve learned how to take risks

I’ve learned the art of friendship

And that’s all thanks to you

Funny how our friendship started

It started with hating each other’s quirks

But end up tolerating one another

Never would I regret

To have meet someone

As beautiful as you

You have taught me how this works

From opening up to eventually feeling

Thank you, for being my Kim Possible when I want to become Ron Stoppable

Thank you, for being the voice of hope when I could no longer believe in myself

Thank you, for being my 9am plans and 3pm impulse

For simply being there, thank you

and if ever you feel that you need someone

To follow you up on some Oreo cake

To eat ice cream, a lot

Or even to hike the day away

My dear friend, I’ll be there anyway.


In dedication to Panyang, may you continue to love life and be as bubbly as ever! Happy Birthday, horsy! 

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20th War

Skin of a Warrior

You see scars around her body.
You see tears running from her eyes.
You see smiles from her lips.
You see a woman without fear, without doubts, without insecurities, without feelings.
You see her, but you do not really see her.
You see an illusion.
Your illusion of who she is supposed to be.
Yet she never corrects your illusion, because your illusion is what keeps her safe from prying eyes, is what keeps her asleep from the demanding world.

You’d never get past her scars.
Her scars that speaks of the battle she has fought.
You’d never get past her walls.
Her walls that was built so high because day by day the memories of the battles keep on flashing back.
If you do get pass, that means she loves you, and love (sadly) is something she cannot deal with because she has fears, she has doubts, she has insecurities, she gets hurt easily, and she is not strong enough.

Maybe, just maybe there would come a time she’d deal with it —. But she’s happy. If you ask her, she’ll say it truthfully and without hesitation.

I’m happy that she’s happy.

Hello 20th self, hope you’re happy wherever you are!