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21 Wishes

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1. I wish your eyes will still sparkle like diamonds. Despite the tears that it shed at 9am after you found out that your dog died. Despite the tears that it shed at 12nn because you fought with your bestfriend.

2. I wish you will still see the beauty of every person you meet. Despite the race, the color, the culture and the religion.

3. I wish your mouth will still speak beautifully. The mouth that speaks kindness and truth amidst the corruption that lurks in the dark. The mouth that speaks no ill of one another, but instead speaks of encouragement and positivity that will whisper until the ends of the earth.

4. I wish you will echo the stories of passion, of dedication. The stories that are made from sweat and blood. The stories that will color and inspire every person you meet.

5. I wish your ears will still listen. The kind of listening that the world needs. It will understand the out-of-the-world dreams and hopes of humankind.

6. I wish it never gives up on people who need it the most. The people who clamor for company, for an ear to listen to their frustrations.

7. I wish your hand will still reach out to your loved ones — and even to strangers. The hand that will bring people up and not push them down to their graves.

8. I wish it will also know when to hold on to the things that mattered, that matter and will matter.

9. I wish it will let go of the hands that bruised it over and over again. It will let go of grudges, of people that have moved away from your life. Instead, it will accept people that will come even for a moment, even for a lifetime. It will hold on to new people, to new beginnings.

10. I wish your shoulders will hang in there. From the baggage that it carries and will still carry. Your shoulders are strong, but know when to put down the excess load hindering you from your flight.

11. I wish your feet will still carry you in your journey till you reach your destination. May it be at the beaches of Maldives or back home where you belong.

12. I wish it will take steps. Baby steps. Bigger steps. Taking risks, taking with you the courage of a mad man who believed that the world is round.

13. I wish your brain will still continue to distinguish the grey areas of the world. May it not be fooled with fake news and fake messages. May it be filled with knowledge that will contribute to the greatness of the entire race.

14. I wish your body well. As it evolves to different sizes. May you love every curve, every stretch mark, every scar.

15. I wish you would never harm the wonderful body that’s yours to keep. May it be filled with sensations that would ignite every little cell.

16. I wish you would never carelessly throw it to people who’d use it and trample it.

17. I wish that you will still find happiness. Despite the disappointments, despite the sadness that might rule over you.

18. I wish that you take good care of your mental health. Seek the people that you trust. Seek the help you will need.

19. I wish you will check your privilege. That privilege that could either break or make someone. Know that people have different rights granted to them, some need it more than you do. Before you brush off the fight for equality in the LGBT union, check your privilege. Before you silently disagree on free education, check your privilege. One has it tougher than you do.

20. I wish that you set your heart free. Let it feel. Let it love. Let it love over and over again. That you will love despite the first heartache, despite the second heartbreak. I wish it will love like it has never been hurt before. May it continue to love, love and love.

21. And lastly, I wish you would see your worth. You are not worth the abuse, you are not worth the unnecessary pain that you put on yourself. You are not any less. You deserve your dreams. You deserve the world. You deserve love.


In dedication to everyone I encountered in my life, may it be a short one or a long one. You left footprints for me to echo, for me to question. Thank you for staying and leaving despite of. For my 21st birthday, I’m blowing 21 candles for my 21 wishes. 21 wishes that I’m dedicating and sending to you. May you find whatever you’ve been searching for.

truly yours, 21 and sober at the moment



A dose of failures, a couple of heartaches, a dozen of everlasting memories, a hundred of survival diaries, a thousand of beautiful moments worth capturing all in one undying international art — writing. This feature every bits and pieces of my life (not that vain though). Whether it’s to wear a dress or wear jammies, to write a sentence or to write a poem, to challenge negative beliefs or to debate my beliefs, to momentarily travel or to stay at home, to crave spicy foods or to just eat plain vanilla ice cream. Whatever spectrum I am in, I think I have found my place in this wonderful world. Valete!

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