Posted in 2017, Birthdays, Dedication, Friendship


You are sunshine and roses

Of life and of everything in between

You’re all smiles and laughter

Things that I am not

Things that speaks of you

Things that makes me look up to you more

I’ve learned how to let loose

I’ve learned how to take risks

I’ve learned the art of friendship

And that’s all thanks to you

Funny how our friendship started

It started with hating each other’s quirks

But end up tolerating one another

Never would I regret

To have meet someone

As beautiful as you

You have taught me how this works

From opening up to eventually feeling

Thank you, for being my Kim Possible when I want to become Ron Stoppable

Thank you, for being the voice of hope when I could no longer believe in myself

Thank you, for being my 9am plans and 3pm impulse

For simply being there, thank you

and if ever you feel that you need someone

To follow you up on some Oreo cake

To eat ice cream, a lot

Or even to hike the day away

My dear friend, I’ll be there anyway.


In dedication to Panyang, may you continue to love life and be as bubbly as ever! Happy Birthday, horsy! 



A dose of failures, a couple of heartaches, a dozen of everlasting memories, a hundred of survival diaries, a thousand of beautiful moments worth capturing all in one undying international art — writing. This feature every bits and pieces of my life (not that vain though). Whether it’s to wear a dress or wear jammies, to write a sentence or to write a poem, to challenge negative beliefs or to debate my beliefs, to momentarily travel or to stay at home, to crave spicy foods or to just eat plain vanilla ice cream. Whatever spectrum I am in, I think I have found my place in this wonderful world. Valete!

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