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#KimmyTakes: Singapore

I came across the Global Young Leaders Travel and Learning Camp (GYLTLC) from the Youthop website and impulsively decided to apply for the program because I have nothing to do that day and decided to direct my energy trying out essay applications (if only I have the same amount of energy when making reports) haha!
I sent my application and forgot about it for a few weeks until I received an e-mail which says I got in!

And that dear readers, is the story on how I got here!

I took a connecting flight from Cebu to Manila and unexpectedly met my dear high school classmate who’s going to Manila for a competition.

Kuya stewardess at the back looking handsome!
We’re the last one who left the plane

I finally managed to get through immigration and board the plane to Singapore. The entire flight totaled to approximately seven hours including the layover. While I was on the plane, I felt excited at the same time fearful because this time, I am going to be alone (that means less #ootds).

Most abused photo
You can never go wrong with the airplane’s window seat

To keep myself out of boredom, I listed few challenges that I want to do when I get there (after Leadership sessions).

1. Ride a train from Airport to Hotel bringing your luggage (or vice versa).

2. Go to Orchard Road

3. Try their signature dish at Sunday Folks

4. Clarke Quay + Have Fun

5. Explore IMM

6. Find a Church

7. Singapore Flyer at Night

8. Dine Out (alone!)

9. Get lost

10. Blend in! (Less touristy feels)

Sadly, I got to do just 8/10 because of time constraints.

Here’s some 8/10 snaps minus the train-luggage photo.

Orchard Ion at Orchard Road close-up
Went to the other side of Orchard Road to take a photo of the Orchard Ion
Went to Clarke Quay and found this chill place with Eloise!
At this fancy staircase at the Fullerton Hotel
Passing through IMM via this hospital 😮
First dine-out alone!
The next few days, I decided to just do take-out 😁
Literally getting lost (not hopeless though!)

And yes! People thought that I am a local. Was it because I’m wearing an eyeliner that defined my eyes (Chinese way!)? Haha, I just had fun pretending to be one.

Till next #KimmyTakes diaries.





A dose of failures, a couple of heartaches, a dozen of everlasting memories, a hundred of survival diaries, a thousand of beautiful moments worth capturing all in one undying international art — writing. This feature every bits and pieces of my life (not that vain though). Whether it’s to wear a dress or wear jammies, to write a sentence or to write a poem, to challenge negative beliefs or to debate my beliefs, to momentarily travel or to stay at home, to crave spicy foods or to just eat plain vanilla ice cream. Whatever spectrum I am in, I think I have found my place in this wonderful world. Valete!

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